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Portal for English Speakers

Hello to all Scouts and all ex-Scouts who can't read Japanese!! This is the website of Troop 6 Higasimurayama, Tokyo, Japan. My name is Toma, an assistant scout leader and the webmaster of this site. And this is a portal for English speakers

I'm sorry that this are only few English as you can see bellow, but I promise they are really enjoyable. You can also use "Babel Fish Translation" to check our Japanese page

e-Pen Pal Wanted
Souts in our troop would like to exchange e-mail with other scouts in the World!

Scout YouTube links
Video of Scout commercials, videoclips that I collected from Youtube. Try them!!

Photos of our troop’s activity; Each photo square in the right-hand column is a link to the album of our troop’s activity. Enjoy them.

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Let's enjoy Scouting together!!


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Message for Toma:

You have commented on my Youtube Video: Road to A Billion:

Yes, We would ike to trade a uniform with you. We have from all over the world, most recently Swaziland Africa, and would love yours from Japan. I can trade a USA Uniform or some patches/Neckerchiefs. I have a beautiful USA 2004 4" x 7" Jamboree Jacket patch and some rare coucnil patches. E-mail me at twreilly@gmail.com and we can complete the details!
Yours in Scouting! Terry

投稿: Terry Reilly | 2007-03-04 10:43

Thank you for your e-mail. I'll contact you at your gmail address in couple of days to disscuss the issue.

投稿: Toma | 2007-03-04 10:58





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